12 weeks (Nutrition & Training)


Are you ready to take that first step to start your weight loss or muscle building journey? Here we have a 12-week online training program for you to begin your transformation! *Successful participants who managed to reach their targeted shape & weight will get the 2nd month of their online training FREE!*

Participants will use Intermittent Fasting with a window of either 16/8, 14/10 or 18/6 and choose from a variety of fresh, healthy food options recommended for them. A summary of their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), calories and macros required will be provided. The training program will include 3-6 days of exercise per week depending on their individual preference, it would be a combination of resistance and aerobic training. Progressive overload of weights will be implemented gradually throughout the 12 weeks and a separate cardio routine will be introduced. Recommended for people with at least a year of strength training background.

12 weeks online training session includes:
– 100% customized training program
– Calculation of your calories and macros intake
– A guideline of food to choose from
– Recommended Intermittent Fasting (IF) window period
– 1x skype video call for form correction (20 minutes)
– 24/7 email support service
– Bi-weekly check-ins of your progress
– Supplementation advice
– Goal setting at the start of the program

*Terms & condition applies.

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