Choose from a variety of yoga classes ranging from meditative yin yoga to sweaty vinyasa yoga.

(1) Hatha yoga – basic and gentle with a focus on alignment, physical and mental benefits of each pose. Each pose is held for five breaths before moving on to the next.

(2) Vinyasa flow yoga – linking your poses together with breath for a dance-like flow. Most poses are only held for a breath before moving on to the next one, feel your muscles shaking as you get ready to break out a sweat!

(3) Yin yoga – poses are held for about 3 to 5 minutes at a time in order to stretch the connective tissues around the joints and bring the practitioner to a state of mental calmness.

(4) Yoga stretch – gentle restorative style yoga but without the use of props, stretches will target common tight areas (eg. neck, lower back, hips). Recommended for beginners!

(5) Chair yoga – yoga poses to be done with a chair, perfect for offices with insufficient space for mats or those who want to learn more about stretches which you can do at your desk.

(6) Partner/team bonding yoga – an interesting, engaging yoga session that focus on partner assisted stretches as well as the addition of fun games for team bonding.

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